October 1, 2013

The role of Angel Investors in the economic recovery

The Investors Network, a South African based community of entrepreneurs and investors posted this interesting blog a China few weeks ago, well worth a read. Recent research in the UK suggests that Angel investors will be key to economic recovery. In the UK, as in South Africa, entrepreneurship and small business forms an important part of the national economy. Angel investors play an important role here when it comes to business finance. With banks around the globe being much more […]
September 30, 2012

Business Plan Help from the Viva Start-ups Blog

Today, with many organisations, especially those with much at stake preferring to opt for professional business plan consulting firms forbusiness plan help, the art of writing a good executive summary for a business plan has largely been lost. With banks and business investors in countries such as South Africa, the US and a number of others, requiring a business plan before funding or business finance is considered, its easy to see why. So how do you write an effective and […]
September 25, 2009

Lessons learned from business investors

One of the co-founders of South African based Investors Networkrecently posted this Deal extremely interesting blog on the site. Well worth a read. Being involved to with entrepreneurs and business investors Wear on a regular basis now for almost a decade, it’s clear that although the financial and business landscape changes constantly, Investors needs don’t. Speak to most of the angel investors, micro finance providers, venture capital firms and entrepreneurs who have taken part in successful negotiations for gaining business […]
September 23, 2009

Angel Funding: An entrepreneurs Guide

If you are an entrereneur, looking for Angel funding but dont quite know how to go about it you will ove this article from the Business Angel Blog, entitled Angel Finance: An Entrepreneurs Guide. Angel finance is fast becoming a popular option for many South African entrepreneurs. With the global banking crises meaning that banks are becoming more choosy with their bank loans and <a href="http://www.investorsnetwork viagra montreal.co.za/” target=”_blank”>business financebusiness owners with viable business plans are opting for both funding […]