September 20, 2009

Young Entrepreneur support

One of the many great things about becoming an entrepreneur is that there is no age limits. Any one young or old can be an entrepreneur and if I knew what I know now when I was 15 I would have started then. Young people often have few responsibilities and less to lose, plus ray ban outlet with your whole life ahead of you, why not give it a try?<a rel="dofollow" href="" title="Also you can download Movie The Transporter Refueled […]
August 4, 2008

Write a Business Plan that Secures the Deal

The importance of a well written business plan can be summarised very quickly by looking at how much finance it is that you require. Money talks as they say and nothing talks better to the focus and dedication you need when composing your plan. Be clear and concise! The purpose of your business plan should be very clear to you. Are you writing your plan to win funding form a bank r VC? Are you looking to impress a future […]
July 15, 2008

Business Plans – What goes in it?

Although idea? every business plan is different as the purpose and the ??? audience for whom it is written for governs the structure and wording within business plans, most business plans will still consists of three cheap MLB jerseys main sections. 1. The Executive Summary 2. The Main plot 3. The Financials and Finance Arguably, is the most important part of the business plan, the Executive Summary normally consists out of one or two pages providing the reader with a […]
June 11, 2008

When to write your business plan and how often to review it

Gone are the days when business plans were only for consultants and corporate strategy meetings. Today business plans have become must have characters, for anyone looking for financial backing, investments or grants from banks, investors and grant funding provider. Come to me for funding without a business plan and I can tell you that you are wasting your time. Once you have written Формула-DIM your business plan or asked someone to write it for you, – the next thing to […]