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Crowdfunding Campaign Promotion

Why UK Business Planning?
Whether you’re an established company or a start up hoping to raise anything from thousands to millions in funds, we understand how important crowdfunding can be for your product. Although Crowdfunding is becoming more popular and recognised by consumers, more than half of Crowdfunding campaigns fail, and only very few raise millions (0.001%).

Whether you are a new or existing business who have decided to use either equity, peer to peer lending, contribution based or debt based crowdfunding, we understand both the challenges and the importance of crowdfunding for your business or concept.

Although Crowdfunding is becoming more popular and recognised by consumers, more than half of Crowdfunding campaigns fail, and only very few raise millions (0.001%).

We have been providing crowdfunding campaign creation and amplification services for the past 6 years and have worked with clients large and small to achieve their crowdfunding objectives.

How we work
Although we prefer product orientated business as these have proved to be far more popular when giving crowdfunding support, we do have a wide range of experience in a range of amazing projects – everything from theatre productions, renewable energy projects, a 3D Printer, a life changing fund raise for someone who is seriously ill, a smart suitcase and new fashion lines we have supported.

UK Business Planning offers a range of services to ensure that we’re with you every step of the way. For each campaign we need a minimum of 8 weeks before launch. During this period we work on messaging, the campaign page, pledge levels, backer updates, setup Facebook ads to build your community and begin international media outreach.

Additional elements of your overall campaign will include advise on resellers and distributors, your video, photography and your website. We have teams experienced at delivering this either in house  or working with preferred suppliers.

We use our trusted and tested 5 step process to launch and support your crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Idea Share

    This get to know each other and understand the project process includes sharing and brainstorming ideas based on what you know and what we understand about the project to create a project scope and starting point document.
  2. Concept Creation

    We take your ideas & concepts and start the research phase which allows us to see who did something similar, model of success to emulate, what to stay away from, who wrote about it, and what demographics are most likely to buy.
  3. Campaign Design
    Once the concept is clear to all and we have agreement as tot he direction to move forward with we design your campaign. We use an integrated approach of video, ads, landing pages, messaging revisions, and public relations to get the word out.
  4. Campaign Develop and Test

    We want to make sure that the campaign will work so once the design is complete we will test, review, adjust until we are confident that your camping is ready for action.
  5. Implement and Succeed

    We  implement and work tirelessly with you as the client to ensure that your campaign succeeds. At this stage both our own media assets as well as your networks will be leveraged to meet your funding objectives as fast and efficiently as possible.

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