Business Plan Services

Business Plan Services

UK Business Plan Writers deliverimg customised and professional bespoke business plan services for new and growing businesses in the UK. We are a consulting firm specializing in delivering winning business plans to both start-ups and growing ventures. You ultimately need your business plan to get you finance for your business. Delivering these results comes from experience and that’s what you’re getting here.

In speaking to our clients it has become clear why they choose to work with the UK Business Planning team: Our Recipe: Over the years we have developed and fine-tuned a highly effective process for the creation of high-quality, fully customized business plan, delivering the results you as our clients require.

  • Understanding of Bank and Investor Needs: We are in constant dialogue with investors including banks, venture capitalists and private equity firms, corporate and individual investors.
  • Industry Experience: Through delivering projects in a wide range of industries our business plan consultants have developed the expertise and know-how they utilize on a day-to-day basis.
  • Quality, effectiveness and reliability of our team: Our committed team of business plan consultants sees every new business plan as a fresh challenge and pride themselves on the results they deliver for you. The experience of our UK Business Planning team which you will benefit from includes successfully starting and growing companies of their own, raising start-up and growth funding, obtaining advanced degrees from top national and international universities, performing at senior management level in well known multinational firms.
  • Pricing: As entrepreneurs and business owners ourselves we understand your need for top of the range service and affordable pricing. UK Business Planning is committed to offer you both.
  • Deliverables: Our understanding of you as the customer, banks, investors, venture capitalists and government grant providers means that we include all essential details in your business plan.

Your Business Plan Includes

Your business plan is a professional document with sufficient information to satisfy investors. The plan includes:

  • A summary of your business plans
  • A complete marketing plan
  • We tailor the business plan to your targeted audience I,e, normally a lender or investor
  • Full narrative, charts and colour graphics
  • Dynamic financial forecasts for 3 years
  • Unique viability check of business objectives and plans
  • Email and telephone support during the process
  • Instant access to all our business planning tools and guides
  • A seasoned business plan consultant dedicated to your business

How it works

We believe in keeping things simple. We have a straight forward 3 step processes to deliver your business plan to you in an electronic format:

Step 1: Information gathering

We work as a team with you to finalise your business plan. That means we need to understand your business and your intentions for future development. We gather this information by asking you to complete an in-depth questionnaire.

Step 2: Preparation of plan

As you know your business best, we believe this is the ideal way to develop your plan. We combine the information you provide with our experience and technique to fill in the gaps and develop the tailor made plan for your business venture.

Step 3: Completion

You receive complete rights to the plan we produce for you at the end of the process which generally takes only 10 days. We will make any clarifications, alterations and corrections for a period of 30 days after the delivery of the initial completed plan. Why wait – we can get started with your business plan right away!


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