Distinguishing Optimism Versus Reality of Entrepreneurs

When you write oakley outlet a business plan, chances are you are all fired up about your utterly brilliant idea – as well you should
be. If you’re not passionate about it, how can you expect anyone else to be? The trouble is, if you’re overly optimistic about everything in your plan, investors are likely to see you as naïve, rather than as a genuine investment opportunity.

So you need to temper that enthusiasm and optimism with a healthy dose of reality. But how do you know what the right balance is?


Optimism in your business plan should be used to impress upon potential investors the fact that you and your team truly believe in your idea, and that it will be a success. You want to tell investors that you think it’s a great idea.

Being optimistic would include something Cheap Jordan Shoes like mentioning that there’s a gap in the market, and wholesale jerseys that your product or service would fill that gap.

Being overly optimistic (which has ended many a small business dream) would be to tell that investor that your product will take on the biggest name on the market, and wipe them off the map. It’s just not realistic to say that (even if you hope it will happen!)

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Reality in a business plan means the facts that you can back up with genuine documentation or proof. It’s your team’s experience. It’s financial projections based on industry research. It’s market research that cites genuine customer behaviour in your industry. It’s credible, it’s sober, and it often underestimates your idea’s performance.

Finding cheap oakley sunglasses the Balance

When it comes to balancing optimism and reality, it’s often best to lean slightly towards reality. That’s particularly true when it comes to facts and figures. Let your optimism shine through when you write about your products or services, your market, your customers and your competition.

When it comes to financial issues, market share, and all the other stuff you need to back cheap jerseys up with real facts, err on the side of caution.

You want to get just the right balance, so that your potential investor gets excited about your idea, and wants to hear more, but not so much that they write you off as a dreamer. Plus, if you do get funded, and you exceed those early, conservative projections by a large margin, you’ll look like even more of a success!

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