Why You, Why Now? The Question On Every Investor’s Mind

To this day, in spite of the internet, in spite of social networking, in spite of all the other changes and advances in the investingworld, the business plan remains the single most important catalyst in the entrepreneur’s quest to find funding for their business.

It’s even harder these days, because there are so many more people out there looking for funding for businesses, and investors are even more choosy about who they will give their money to.

The million Rand question for all of them, when they read any business plan, is ‘Why you, why now?’

The investor who reads your plan wants to be convinced that you and your team are the very best group to bring your idea to market. They need to be completely sure that you are the right people to achieve the goals you are setting.

Then they need to be very sure that your market is ready for the idea you want to launch. That’s often where the Wholesale Jerseys tricky part comes in – in a tough economy, like we’ve had for the past few years, many businesses that were based on great ideas didn’t get off the ground – not because of the idea or Fake Oakleys the team, but because the market had vanished.

You need to convince the reader that you are uniquely positioned to succeed. That you have something special that sets you apart. Intellectual property, cheap oakleys like a patented invention, is cheap oakley sunglasses a good place to start. Alternatively, a large, existing network of suppliers and contacts might convince an investor that your business is more likely to succeed in it’s goals.

How you address the ‘why you, why now’ question is up to you, and your unique circumstance, but it’s critical that you DO address it. Make your reader believe that you and your team cheap jerseys china are the ONLY people who can start the business you want to start, and that now is the perfect time to take advantage of that gap in the market! If you don’t, you may cost yourself that next step in the funding process.

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